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Who We Are

Prevention is the Cure

A Note From Our Founder

My son and I founded the California Brain Tumor Association in 2009. In 2008 my seemingly healthy husband underwent a craniotomy to remove a large brain tumor.  Our son had worked for Ted Kennedy who underwent the same fate - the same week - as my husband. We heard from the Kennedy staff that he suspected his cell phone was the cause of his tumor. Worldwide experts attribute my husband's brain tumor to his cell phone use. 

There are many others who have suffered the same fate.  Yet the telecom industry continues to war game excellent science and influence legislators, media and the general public. When you hear cell phones do not cause cancer just think tobacco. 


Thus our emphasis is on the prevention of primary brain tumors. My colleagues and I believe in following the independent science which has overwhelmingly linked wireless radiation to cancer. Not only do we aim to educate the public about the safer use of cell phones as we do not want others to suffer needlessly, but we also help support research into cures. Sadly brain tumors are on the rise especially in young people. 


We do not advocate against cell phone use. We advocate for the FCC and FDA to take corrective action and adopt guidelines that truly protect human health. The 1996 guidelines in place now only take into account thermal damage to DNA. Science has proven over and over again that damage to our DNA which causes cancer is happening without heating. 


This is a valuable technology but we must reailze that in the case of wireless radiation, we must take simple precautions to protect ourselves and our families as our government is delinquent and negligent in doing so. 

- Ellie Marks -

Primary brain tumors are on the rise, especially in young people. Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) used to be seen only in persons 65 and over but now young people are dying from GBMs.

Brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer death in children, surpassing leukemia. 
Please donate today and help us fund prevention programs and research into cures.

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The $30 Million US NTP study found "clear evidence" that cell phone radiation causes cancer. The Ramazzini Institute replicated that study. For more information on both please see our science/study section.  

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What We Do

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We testify to the US Congress, pass landmark public health legislation, and release public health information. We educate politicians at the local, state and federal levels.


We host educational symposiums featuring Senators and Doctors, make award-winning documentaries, host film-screenings, teach classes at local high schools and colleges, distribute posters at Pediatrician offices, and give frequent interviews on local and national news channels. 

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We speak out on news media reports and during public meetings. In addition, we have also testified to Congress and many local government leaders. We were honored to receive a Certificate of Honor from the City of San Francisco following the passing of a groundbreaking public health disclosure ordinance.


Raise funds for research into cures,  for the Dream program and for financial support for patients to get to /from treatment and obtain healthy meals. We also raise funds to educate many on the prevention of primary brain tumors.

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Brain Surgeon



We consult with brain tumor patients and help them navigate the new world they have been thrust into overnight. We put them in touch with treatment centers and then follow up with them concerning treatment, support groups and whatever their needs may be. 


We have lost far too many friends over the years from tragedies caused by avoidable brain cancer. We feel that it is our duty and ethical obligation to speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves. These terribly sad stories remind us that it could happen to you, your children or your grandchildren.

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Hosts a Dream Come True project, raising funds for events such as sending a brain tumor patient and family to a major league baseball game and they throw out the first pitch.

A Glimpse At California Brain Tumor Association's Accomplishments

  • Testified to the United States Congress and continue legislative actions on this issue.

  • Co-produced, with Dr. Devra Davis and Dr. Joel Moskowitz, “Mobilize” a documentary on the cell phone/brain tumor link.

  • Held many seminars across the nation on the prevention of primary brain tumors over the past 12 years.

  • Created a Briefing Book on this issue which was translated into 8 languages and is used throughout the world. Download pdf:

  • Involved in the landmark 'Cell Phone Right to Know' legislation at the federal level and in San Francisco and Berkeley.

  • Appeared on Dr. Oz, The View, Larry King Live, Sanjay Gupta CNN, Katie Couric Nightly News and more.

  • Ellie Marks, Director was awarded the Medal of Honor from the City and County of San Francisc.o

  • Ellie Marks, Director nominated for Citizen of the Year in Palm Desert, CA.

  • Works closely with researchers and neurosurgeons worldwide to keep up on the emerging science on causes and cures.

Brain Scans

Quick Brain Tumor Facts

  • An estimated 700,000 Americans are living with a primary brain tumor. Approximately:

    • 71% of all brain tumors are benign

    • 29% of all brain tumors are malignant

    • 58% of all brain tumors occur in females

    • 42% of all brain tumors occur in males

  • An estimated 88,970 people will receive a primary brain tumor diagnosis in 2022.

    • An estimated 63,040 will be non-malignant (benign)

      • Meningiomas are the most commonly occurring primary non-malignant brain tumors, accounting for 39% of all tumors, and 54.5% of all non-malignant tumors​

  • An estimated 25,930 will be malignant

    • Glioblastoma is the most commonly occurring primary malignant brain tumor, accounting for 14.3% of all tumors, and 49.1% of all malignant tumors

  • The median age at diagnosis for a primary brain tumor is 61 years

  • The average survival rate for all primary brain tumor patients is 75.7%

    • Survival rates vary by age and tumor type and generally decrease with age

    • For non-malignant brain tumor patients, the average five-year survival rate is 91.8%

    • For malignant brain tumor patients, the five-year relative survival rate following diagnosis is 35.6.

      • For the most common form of primary malignant brain tumors, glioblastoma, the five-year relative survival rate is only 6.8% and median survival is only 8 months

  • More than 18,000 people are estimated to lose their life because of a malignant brain tumor (brain cancer) in 2022

  • There are more than 100 distinct types of primary brain tumors, each with its own spectrum of presentations, treatments, and outcomes

For further information on brain tumor statistics by age, sex or ethnicity, follow this link

*Above information courtesy of National Brain Tumor Society

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