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Cutting Edge Light Therapy Helps Remove Brain Cancer

Hopeful !

Cell phones and cancer of the ear

Cell Phone Radiation causing spike in Alzheimers

Results of published study by Dr. Martin Pall

Experts expose industry flawed studies claiming cell phones do not cause cancer

Excellent quotes from hdistinguished experts

Cell Phones strongly linked to cancer- new study reproduces govt findings

Great reporting!

Federal Court Instructs FCC to Review RF guidelines

Excellent article

Neurosurgeon Hillel Baldwin on Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

excellent info from a neurosurgeon

EWG report- cell phone exposure levels should be 400X stricter for children

Good study but please do NOT rely on SAR or shielding.

Petition to FDA

Cell Phone Radiation linked to Heart and Brain Tumors

Updated information from US NTP study

Yale and National Brain Tumor Society Launch DNA Damage Response Consortium

To further cutting edge treatment for brain cancer

One Woman's Quest to Save Lives

written by CABTA director several years ago

Study Offers New Effective Treatment Against GBM

Exciting development

What are the Symptoms of Brain Tumors in Children

Early detection is critical

WHO says cell phones may cause brain tumors but what about cognitive function?

Changes occuring in brain during cell phone use

Scientists Warn Wireless Radiation may Endanger Wildlife

Towers harming wildlife

Stanford Children's Health Offers Promise for Treating Pediatric Brain Tumors

Promising Treatment for Treating Pediatric Brain Tumors

Brain Cancer Epidemiology Forecast Report 2021-2030

Forecast on brain cancer

Young father's Headaches determined to be a lethal brain tumor

You know your body and health better than anyone- if symptoms are unusual demand a brain scan!

Burst of Radiation & Immunotherapy suppress brain cancer growth

Burst of radiation necessary to treat brain tumors

iPhone 12 and cardiac devices: risk

Keep iphone 12 away from pacemakers

Emirates CEO on 5G Snafu

FCC/Telecom collusion at its worst

I was given15 months to live after visiting optician

Often primary brain tumors are asymptomatic- this man's optician found the tumor

Post-op Epilepsy and Survival in Glioma Patients

Impact of epilepsy on glioma patients

Tom Parker: Brain Cancer Treatment Needs "massive improvement"

The Wanted singer shocked by treatment and funding for those with brain cancer

When is Chemo Most Effective?

Researchers found that chemo for brain tumors most effective at night

5G Interference with Aircraft will Linger

Shame on the FCC

Scientists reveal link between sperm damage to cell phone radiation

Sperm damage & death from cell phones

Do Wireless Earbuds Harm Your Brain?

The FCC statement is untrue. These are not safe and experts advise against them.

Time to Regulate Radio-Frequency Exposure

Excellent article on the FCC's negligence

8 year old boy's brain tumor misdiagnosed


Investigational Magnetic Device Shrinks GBM in human studt

Magnetic device shrinks GBM

Cyproterone acetate (CPA)-high doses- linked to increased risk of benign brain tumors


Health Board Ordering Verizon to Remove Cell Tower

Way to go Pittsfield! CABTA helped with this- 17 neighbors became ill from the tower!

Kelly Stafford's brain tumor story

Wife of LA Rams' QB brain tumor story

39 year old mom gives birth after brain tumor diagnosis

Her daughter wanted a sibling and she gave birth despite being diagnosed with a lethal brain tumor

Airlines Warn of Flight Delays as AT&T, Verizon Balk at 5G Delay

Will 5G put aircrafts and passengers at risk?

Remotely Heated Seeds to Treat Brain Tumors

Exciting breakthrough for GBMS!

New Target to Treat Pediatric Brain Tumorsa

University of Cincinnati

Inhaled CBD Shrinks GBMs size in Animal Studies

Exciting new research

Pittsfield Health Board Ordering Verizon to Remove Cell Tower

YES!!! And CA Brain Tumor helped with this battle- 17 residents became ill from this cell tower

Late-stage colon cancer showing up in more younger adults- get screened doctor urges

Keep your cell phone out of your back pocket- seriously!

Making Progress Against the Blood Brain Barrier

Promising Treatment for Deadly Brain Tumors

Selinexor - promising results for GBMS

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