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Using Mobile Phone

Ways To Reduce Exposure


It used to be thought that ionizing radiation was the primary cause of primary brain tumors. Studies have now proven that non-ionizing radiation, such as that emitting from a cell phone, breaks the blood brain barrier, altering DNA and causing cancer.

Phone emits waves in the brain of a person.jpg

How To Use A Cell Phone As Safely As Possible


  • Never hold it directly to the head or keep it on while on the body

  • Text

  • Use speakers

  • If using the phone in an area with a weak signal try to keep the call as short as possible

  • Do not sleep with your phone under your pillow or on while on the nightstand next to you; place it on airplane mode- your alarm will still work

  • Limit use in a car, train, or bus as the steel surroundings magnify the emissions

  • Use a wired headset with plastic tubing only

  • Bluetooth earbuds are not recommended as most people keep them on all of the time. If you have to use them turn them off between calls

  • Do not allow children to use or play with a cell phone; cell phone radiation penetrates more deeply into a child’s brain and body

  • If pregnant, keep the phone away from your abdomen at all times

  • Do not drive with the phone between your legs

  • Do not keep the phone on while in a pocket (breast pocket, front pockets or back pant pocket)

  • Do not keep your phone tucked inside a bra

  • Use a landline as often as possible

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